Continuous Forms

Our Continuous printed forms provide problem-solving construction for all dot matrix  printers.  These forms can be produced with other features such as:
      - laser bond papers
      - heat resistant inks
      - regular, jumbo & MICR numbers
      - artificial watermarks
      - using up to five different ink colours
      - bond, carbonless &  special papers
      - form label combinations
      - multipart mailers


Snap Sets

If your company is manually processing accounts payable cheques, bills of lading, invoices, purchase orders, work orders, etc., we can support your efforts with an almost endless variety of  multipart sets.  Snap sets can be manufactured to any size that is required with many of the same features used for continuous forms.  Special features for snap sets can also be added such as:
     - double stubbed forms
     - binding into books
     - form-label combinations.


Label & Form Combinations

Sometimes the best document solution is one that joins the parameters of a form with the flexibility of a label.  Two of the most obvious benefits of a form/label document are reduced expenses for purchasing and storage.  By combining two documents into one, you are able to save on manufacturing, storing and tracking one item instead of two.  A single combined document of this type also eliminates errors caused by mismatching separate forms and labels.  These documents are often used for:

1. picking / packing operations
2. shipping and distribution
3. invoicing
4. letters with attached mailing labels
5. work orders
6. inspection tickets
7. hospital admitting forms
8. laboratory forms




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